Our Magical Extras

To show our appreciation to our clients, Say Magical Vacations Advisors will provide families with everything needed for their upcoming trip.

Client Portal

By booking a vacation through a Say Magical Vacations Agent, clients will have VIP access to our Client Portal. In this portal, our clients will have access to our suggestions, tips and tricks, and much more!

Final Packet

All clients who book a package reservation will receive a packet prior to travel. These packets are designed with items to assist you along your vacation. Each reservation will also receive a detailed personalized itinerary to ensure a smooth vacation allowing guest to enjoy the magic!

Onboard Credits for Disney Cruise Line

Qualify for Onboard Credits by booking a sailing with Say Magical Vacations. Ask your booking Agent about how you can receive these credits.

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Sadie Fangue

Sadie Fangue

Owner/Enchanted Advisor

(985) 413-4656